Evansville's Divorce Lawyer


A caring and knowledgeable Evansville, IN, divorce lawyer is never far away. From Henderson to Wadesville, the team at Oberst Law Office is here and ready to help you negotiate with your spouse and arrive at a conclusion that is equitable and fair.


Divorce is an event that not only effects the two individuals who have made the decision to dissolve their union, but also their network of loved ones and friends. In this difficult time, it is unavoidable that emotions run high. This is why it's in your best interest to have a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys at your side. The professionals at our firm will put their experience to good use while devoting personal attention to your case. We will work hard to resolve to any conflicts between you and your partner.


Whether you are separating amicably or you need an aggressive advocate prepared to defend your rights in court, our highly knowledgeable personnel can provide support. We know that this is a hectic time in your life. This is why our office assures appointment flexibility. When it is time to negotiate child support, divide your assets, or simply meet with your former spouse in an unbiased yet compassionate environment, an attorney from our staff will be there for you, and has your back.  We are LGBT friendly.


This chapter of your life may be at an end, but you can enter the next one with peace of mind when you call Evansville's Divorce Lawyer at Oberst Law Office.  We've got your back.