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When you need an Evansville, IN, criminal lawyer with skill and compassion, contact Oberst Law Office. Whether you have a general legal question or are in immediate need of representation, one of our highly trained professionals is ready to assist you.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal prosecution, your initial step should be securing the services of attorneys who are both experienced and committed to the zealous protection of your rights. Our team of legal professionals has experience in both public defense and prosecution. We understand the internal operations of the court system, and will give personal attention to developing a strong defense. We will examine your case, interview all parties involved, including police, and prepare a plan to litigate on your behalf.

We know that this is an emotionally overwhelming time. This why we make an effort to simplify the process in any way we can. If the specifics of your case change or you develop a pressing concern, someone in our office will be available to take your call 24 hours a day. Our team wants to keep you informed and comfortable with the development of your case. We maintain flexible office hours so that you can make time to meet with us during this hectic period in your life. Whatever the nature of the alleged offense, your representative is here for you.

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Oberst Law is Evansville's Criminal Lawyer.
Oberst Law is Evansville's Criminal Lawyer.